20,000 ft Skydive – Abel Tasman

In tandem skydiving, you are paired with a professional tandem master who looks after you every step of the way. Jumping from 16,500ft you will enjoy a 40 min scenic flight, up to 90 seconds of freefall and then 3-5 min under the parachute.

Photography Packages

Our high-definition photography and video will make you the envy of your friends and family! We can offer you to get your whole experience to be captured in two different ways:

Handycam, choose to be filmed by your Tandem Master and get the up-close shots that will capture every expression as you leap out of the plane.

Camera Flyer, choose to be filmed by a separate cameraman and get our epic day captured from an outside perspective with full panoramic views over the area as well as a jumping buddy during our experience of a lifetime.

Combo, even better, treat yourself and get the best of both worlds by choosing the Handycam + Camera Flyer.

  • 2-3 HOURS
  • PRICE $599